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Practice Management

What separates Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc. from other accounting and financial services firms is the regularity of our consulting visits and the knowledge we gain about the ongoing financial management of your practice. These regular consultations help us identify areas of your practice needing improvement rather than simply “putting out fires” as so often is the case. Our objective is to allow you to have total peace of mind regarding the financial and practice management aspects of your practice.

As members of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC), the nation’s larges organization of professional practice management consultants, we are able to draw from a vast pool of management consultants nationwide. While no single firm or individual can have the expertise to answer all your needs, with the strength and versatility of the members of the NSCHBC, your needs can be met.

Our services include:

  • Identifying potential new revenue sources
  • Maximizing reimbursement for current services
  • Improving office productivity
  • Streamlining operations and office workflow processes
  • Recommending changes in office personnel where applicable
  • Establishing and monitoring insurance in process and accounts receivable management systems
  • Reducing overhead expenses
  • Personnel policy recommendations
  • Cross purchase/buy sell agreement analysis
  • Employment agreement analysis
  • Salary and fringe benefit surveys
  • Human resource issues
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Collections and accounts receivable control
  • Outstanding insurance in process management
  • Overhead efficiency analysis
  • Internal Marketing
  • Facilities assessment
  • Bonus compensation formulas
  • Government regulations
  • Practice Transitions
  • Managed care contracting negotiations
  • Fee schedule design and implementation
  • Fringe benefit design
  • Compliance Services