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I already have an accountant

Consulting with doctors, we often hear comments like:

“My accountant is okay with bookkeeping, but I am not getting any financial advice or direction.”

“Last year I had a substantial amount due on my tax return. I am frustrated because my accountant did not let me know what was coming.”

“I asked my accountant if I should change my Medicare participation status, and he did not even know what I was talking about.”

“I am considering adding an associate. I asked my accountant for help, but he admitted he did not know the first thing about bringing a new doctor into the practice.”

The frustrations listed above, although very real, are unfair criticisms toward accountants. While every business needs professional accounting and tax functions, accounting should not be confused with or compared to practice management or financial planning. These three business functions are as different as a podiatrist, family practitioner and general dentist.

Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc. offers assistance in all three areas of your financial life. Because we limit our practice to the medical and dental professions, our expertise is highly tuned and focused. We have the credentials, experience and foresight to meet your financial needs today and tomorrow.