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Getting Started

When you contact Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc., we will arrange a courtesy, no cost/obligation consultation in your office to obtain a better understanding of the nature of the particular practice management areas you would like to address. A representative sampling of typical client problems include the following:

  • I am working longer hours and seeing more patients, so why is my income continuing to decline?
  • Are my overhead expenses too high? • Is my collection ratio what it should be?
  • How do I compare to regional and national medians for my specialty in these statistical areas?
  • How do I know if I am getting maximum productivity from my staff?
  • Do I have an appropriate level of staffing based on my patient volume and specialty?
  • What should I do if the complexity of my practice has grown over the years but the management skills of my in-office practice manager may have been out grown as well?
  • Is my practice’s efficiency suffering due to an outdated computer system or no system at all?
  • Is it time to invest in electronic medical records?
  • I would like to increase my patient volume and profitability, should I extend my office hours, offer new services, open a satellite office, increase support staff, hire another Doctor or extender, and/or market more aggressively?
  • Is our group’s current income distribution/expense allocation structure fair?
  • Should we change our compensation structure in view of the changing reimbursement market place?
  • I think it is time to add an associate to the practice but my accountant and attorney don’t know anything about how to do it. Can you help?
  • How do I grow my practice through mergers or acquisitions? • How do I transition my practice?
  • Should I own my building or rent my office space?


An initial get acquainted meeting will allow us an opportunity to discuss with you your specific concerns and the way that we would recommend approaching the problems.

From a limited topic practice survey to an ongoing consultative relationship, our clients determine the level of service they would like to receive from us – there is never a “one size fits all” approach to any client need.

The fee for a specific consultation project will depend upon the nature of the particular assignment. Some projects lend themselves to a flat fee for the total project while others are more appropriately priced on an hourly or a monthly basis. Also, depending upon the nature of the project, a fee range may be provided to provide some level of flexibility for both the client and the company.