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Financial Planning

Financial planning has become one of the fastest growing and most exciting segments of the financial services industry today. Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc. has the resources and expertise to successfully coordinate your financial life. Our financial plan services include:

• Risk Management – What type and how much life insurance do you really need? How do you structure your practice, home and auto casualty and liability limits and deductibles? What about office overhead disability insurance? Or personal disability insurance? Is your family covered? Risk management considers all the risks you face and transfers that risk to the proper insurances.

• Investments – Whether estimating an emergency fund or planning ahead for college education, Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc. can give you valuable insight into various investment concepts as well as help you successfully plan for your investment future.

• Retirement Planning – From designing the proper plan to projecting annual target contributions, we will help ensure your financial freedom after retirement.

• Tax Planning – With personal and corporate tax laws changing constantly, we will update you on all the changes throughout the year. We will make sure there are no surprises come April 15.

• Employee Benefits – Based on our experience with similar practices in your area, Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc. can provide expert guidance in developing competitive, total employee compensation and benefit packages.

• Estate Planning – We will work with your attorney to ensure your wealth retention, asset distribution and transfer tax reduction objectives are well defined and maintained.

• College Savings planning – How much do you need to provide the desired college funding for your children? What type of plan will best suit your needs and assist you in accomplishing that goal? Financial Planning should be looked at as an investment. After time, you will see the fruits of our advice, and you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your financial future is secure and comfortable.